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of surgeons quite substantially.


There's always this sort of conflict of interest, isn't there, between what should appear in the press, and what doctors are doing.


That's right. That's right. Another thing that has seemed to me of great interest was that was that for a long time, about four years -- I think I've mentioned it before -- I've been interested in what one could do about reducing or eliminating causes of mental retardation. It was shown that German measles caused about 20,000 -- the birth of about 20,000 retarded or deformed children in the last epidemic, which was in '63 -'64.


This is when the mother acquires the measles.


Yes, if the mother gets German measles in the first trimester of pregnancy. I talked to Dr. Sydney Farber and to the leaders of the Cerebral Palsy Association, and said that I felt that we ought to give some help to the development of a vaccine in this area. Fortunately, Farber discovered that two groups had identified a , but weren't doing anything particular, -- had identified the virus, but weren't doing anything particular about making a vaccine with it. They just sat with their particular, piece of information and didn't care about vaccine.

Miraculously, in spite of the fact that a number of drugx houses did and have been working on a vaccine, two men

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