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from 500 to 5000 people being received there.

The other suggestion was to make two park-like areas for the two sections on each side of the central part, which is the elipse -- a park opposite the Red Cross Building, and a park out of Sheridan Square, to make them parks with fountains and sitting areas and kiosks and possibly a restaurant. Now, whether this will be accomplished or not, I don't know. We've gotten a substantial amount of money from Mrs. Zalles, as an offer to initiate the making of a fitting park with a fountain and plantings for the section opposite the Red Cross Building.


What is her particular interest?


Her grandfather was the first Park Commissioner of the city of Washington. He came in 1850. His name was Saul. She's very interested in it. I don't know what the result of that's going to be.


Did it have the blessing of the National Capital Planning Association?


Yes. We've just taken it up with Mr. Hartzog and Mrs. Johnson, She's interested in it and think that we should go ahead and develop it. And I think that Hartzog is too. Hartzog feels that it should be part of the overall Mall Plan, and we'll know what the results of it are in the next month.

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