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them and know a lot about them, they are very special, and will have to be related to other diseases, but it's certain that more intensive thought will be given if there's an independent institute.

Now, in the beautification business, this is a separate section.


Well, a great deal has transpired in that field since last July.


Yes. In January of this year, I suggested that Russell Page, our most outstanding English landscape architect, come over to see what was being done in Washington, and to make some suggestions about what could be done. He came in February, for the first time, to look around, although he'd known Washington during the war, made some suggestions which I thought were very useful.


Did you pay for his trip?


I paid for his trip twice. The first suggestion was to make the ellipse in front of the White House a ceremonial receiving center for the President; instead of using the White House lawn for festivities and receiving of foreign visitors, to use the elipse, to fence it in and plant it more handsomely, and use it as a ceremonial center for the reception of foreign visitors and for festivities that involved large numbers of people. At present the White, House lawn is always being chewed up by anything

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