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discoveries, in the first six years of the sixties. Sort of a plateau where many things may be happening or about to happen, but whatever has happened has not been related to major forms of cancer, or to the prevention or the reversal of arteriosclerosis.

I sat next to the President at dinner the night of June 11, which was at the Waldorf. It was a dinner called the President s Club Dinner, and it was fund-raising. The dinner cost $1000 a seat.


You had been at the one the previous year, too.


Yes. Mr. Arthur Krem had raised a million and twenty-five thousand dollars by this device. There was one other small dinner where people gave $100, where the President went for a very short time, but with the people who gave $1000, he stayed around. And I sat next to him at dinner.

In the course of the dinner I said to him, “Why don't you call the heads of the National Institute of Health together and ask them what are they doing about lowering the death rate, the major causes of death, and prolonging the prime of life of our citizens?”

He said to me, “Well, that's a good idea. Why don't you send me a memo on that?”

I said, “All right, I'll do that.”

I guess I forgot to tell you -- oh, this is another whole

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