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Interview no. 20 (Part II) - June 30th, 1980

Interviewee: Mary Lasker (Mrs. Albert D. Lasker)
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr.
Greenwich, Conn.


This the 20th interview -- part 2 -- with Mary Lasker, at her new residence, her beautiful residence in Greenwich, Conn., on Monday the 30th of June 1980.

For the past 20 years I have been terribly much impressed with the range of your activities in so many different areas of interest, which are so vast, and I was doubly so when I picked up the list of topics that Mrs. Brewer sent me -- the list that you will probably cover today -- and I simply have to say that you are a kind of a fabulous person. We used to talk about the Renaissance man. I think you are a Renaissance woman actually, and perhaps unique in all the world. I just wanted to say that.

Mrs. Lasker:

Everybody is unique in all the world.


Oh well, yes.


You just told me off tape something very interesting. It's part of your philosophy of life and the way in which

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