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you work in getting some of these things done that you have been listing. (phone rings, interruption) Will you give me that statement?


It isn't so much my philosophy, it's a way to conduct oneself that my husband had found was effective. He said that if you are willing to have all the ideas, if you are willing to pay for all the work, and you are willing to attribute it all to somebody else, you could get almost anything done, and this is true -- if you are willing to have the ideas, if you are willing to pay people to work on the ideas, and you are willing to get people who in a general way think well of a cause that you are helping, to espouse it, but aren't going to give very much to it except maybe their names or their blessings, and attribute the work to them, you can get a lot done. And that's true about really almost anything, except if you are a star performer of some kind, or if you are a politician, or if you are in some publicity for yourself in order to attract audiences and attention to what you are doing. But as I am not a good speaker and don't like to speak, and I am gifted in other ways, but I do have ideas, I work through other people. (cross talk and laughter)


Nobody could ever accuse you of not _

But all of this came about because I suggested that perhaps at times you were modest.

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