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will be available cloned for clinical trials next year. Growth hormone -- at least one of its functions will be to prevent dwarfism. Genetech has just now, with the cooperation of Hoffmann-LaRoche cloned interferon, leukocyte and fibroblast interferon.

Now of course the cloning of interferons is by far the most important as far as we can see now.




Because it certainly is both an antiviral and anticancer natural substance that they've now got purified, and they hope they'll have enough clones so there'll be some clinical trials in the next 12 months, which to me is simply thrilling. I can't wait for the time to pass. I wish I could just flip through my book and (say) that's finished and now we are there.


A year out of your life.


Yes. But all these doings move slowly.

Genentech, in the cloning of insulin, is connected with Eli Lilly, and in the cloning of leukocyte and fibroblast interferon have a contract with Hoffmann-LaRoche. I think somatastatin and growth hormone -- I don't know who is going to make it commercially. But Genentech is

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