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Yes. I don't know, he may not make it for himself, but he might open it up for somebody else. I don't know.


Now what is your role in raising funds? What have you done?


One really could raise very little money. You could give $1,000 for the primary, and if he had made the nomination the Federal Government would have taken care of the rest.

I believe we can still give money now because he is still running, but I've asked people -- such Democrats as I know -- for money, and I don't know how many more people I can ask, and actually he has raised most money by himself by having individual groups meeting with him.

I had actually nothing to do with the handling of the money that I got. It's all been done by the Senator's staff. It's really just honorific, if you want to call it that.

But I am for him.

I was a co-chairman of the Kennedy for President Committee for a big party in New York.


When was that held?


That was in November, I think.


Was that a fund raising thing?

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