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What about Mrs. Enid Haupt?


She is interested in public planting. She did give 20 blocks of cherry trees, and she did let me plant cherries around hospitals and around churches between 59th Street, and I guess 86th Street, something like that. She is very generous, but it isn't anything that drives her crazy when she sees it looking like hell, you know. It drives me crazy. (laughter)

And also the United Nations as you see is building a whole sort of addition to their building.


I haven't been around there lately.


Yes, but they are going to cover it all up with grass again, they say. I gave them about 50 azaleas which are very poorly planted, but will eventually after about ten years look all right. (laughter)

Now what else is going on here?

(noise of papers being shuffled)

Social events -- Mrs. Brewer is recalling that we gave a big Christmas party at La Grenouille in December, with about 100 friends, which caused a great deal of pleasure and merriment.


What kind of entertainment did you have there?


No entertainment. Music and dancing.

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