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collection to begin with, but then it also began with the beginnings of his career and went right through, which is quite unusual, isn't it?


Yes. Well, under the heading of sad events, Jane McDonough, my dear secretary, died on the 10th of March 1980.


Yes, I know, It was very sad. And do you remember last year -- well, you wouldn't necessarily remember -- when I was with you at Amenia (N.Y.) Jane phoned. She had arrived in New York and she was staying in your apartment, and you chatted with her.


Uh uh. She really wasn't the recipient of the most speedy care of the best kind, even though I tried to get her to go to get the Cooper regimen, which is really the best regimen now for breast cancer. She didn't get it in time, she was in terrible shape in January, although she should have gone to Jordan Gutterman in December when she was already declining in her health. She didn't want to go until after the holidays, and she finally got into such terrible shape that I had to send an airplane for her, to get her from Aberdeen to Houston.

Well, she got there, and they kind of rehabilitated her, and they thought she was doing fairly well on Belban, which is not a very great drug, and that they would give her interferon later, and suddenly she just started to decline, and she was beyond hope before they got to

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