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have also talked to Senator Gary Hart of Colorado, who is on the Armed Services Committee, and he too has sent this to the Defense Department.

We'll see if the Defense Department -- they are so languid that you can never tell how long it will take them to comment on anything, and they figure that the Senators will forget it, but the Senators, may not forget it, because Cranston himself saved Lockheed, you know, the way Chrysler was saved. Lockheed really was saved by him.


Yes, because now they are on the up and up.


They weren't getting anywhere with it.


But wouldn't this be a matter of concern to the Department of Energy as well?


You would think so, but nothing seems to be ... There don't seem to be any great advocates for any of these things, unless there is tremendous money to be made.

I suppose that Lockheed is busy making conventional aircraft and this is something that they would have to develop, and if it were started today it would be available in 1985. Well, you've got to think ahead, in the Defense Department and in everything else. It doesn't seem to me to be too much to expect that that should be of interest, but we'll see.


This, I reiterate, is an amazing thing to mee -- your interest in this particular area.

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