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too. It's had a very hard time.


You were going to tell me about the Lasker Awards.


Yes. The Lasker Awards, as I mentioned earlier in this interview, were given to four people who developed the technology for recombinant DNA and genetic lengineering. That is Paul Berg, who designed the fundamental technique that has helped make DNA a practical reality, and Dale Kaiser, who added to the genetic engineering concept an approach to combining DNA; and Herbert Boyer, who discovered constriction and modification enzymes, the construction of plasmids and the usefulness of synthetic DNA; Stanley Cohen, of Stanford University, for his studies on bacterial plasmids, for his investigating of the genetics of genes and establishing the biological province of DNA methodology. In other words, there were these four people who made this whole new revolutionary technique a reality, and they're all in the San Francisco area.

Then we gave another group of awards to the men who found out how to protect mothers from the dangers of the...really the therapeutic development of the life-saving anti-RH vaccine, who ? developed it. They were Dr. Gutterman, Dr. Freda, Dr. Finn, Sir Cyril Clark. Those are the four in that area.

In addition to that we gave a special award to Dr. Levy for his leadership in the development of the hypertension detection and follow-up program, which showed that if you put a large

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