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things for the library. The library is very handsome, very well run, and my impression is that the School of Government is going very well -- Johnson's School of Government. (pause in recording)


Did you go to Los Angeles?


Yes. And to Beverly Hills. I found a pretty house in Bel Air overlooking the city. It was very enjoyable. I have many pleasant friends there who entertain beautifully, including Mrs. Bloomingdale, a great friend of Mrs. Reagan's, and Mrs. Armand Deutch. In fact, all the people I know there turned out to be big Republicans and all friends of the Reagans. With the exception of people connected to the universities, it's not very stimulating as far as anything to do with medicine goes, but there are very good doctors there who are people interested in research, so that part of it was fun. I can't remember any one outstanding occasion that was astonishing, but it is fun sometimes to find yourself sitting next to Gregory Peck or Charlton Heston or somebody like that, who go to these parties. They're so much a part of the folk lore of the country that you're always startled to see them in life.

What happened? I did give a very enjoyable party at La Grenouille, which was larger than ever.


Was this at Christmastime?

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