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-- well, administratively, they're withholding planning money until New York City gets together on a plan. Well, it's not a good idea for New York City to be pushed into one plan, because there are four medical schools and a place like Memorial Hospital should take leadership in cancer, because they have more people and more experience.

Well, at any rate, these cities have competition between their medical schools and their leading hospitals, and the cities will eventually have to be broken up into more than one region, so-called region. The act, as you remember, was a result of the President's Commission on Cancer, Heart and Stroke which was suggested by me first to President Kennedy, then to President Johnson in 1963. Johnson appointed a commission in '64, which met finally, and in the fall of '64 they made recommendations which resulted in a bill in '65 which was passed in October of '65. 45 million dollars was appropriated but less was allocated in fiscal '67. only about 25 million was allocated. This program will need construction funds on a large scale, because it turns out when you want to have centers and you want organizations like a medical school to take leadership and create a center, they need more space, they haven't got enough space to really remobilize the space they have. They need an additional space to centralize their activities in, because none of them have thought in these terms before.

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