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is now around a billion 500 million, including what used to be the National Mental Health Institute which is now the Bureau of Mental Health. It has escaped from under Dr. Shannon's jurisdiction, thank God.


But in the sense that other things were sliced somewhat, my reaction was, this is indeed a triumph.


Yes. Well, I think it has indeed been helpful. I wanted to make another note about something that encouraged me very much, and that is that I think I told you that I was on a committee for the international White House Conference about a year ago, and one of the panels was on population control. Richard Gardner, who's a professor at Columbia and has been in the federal government, wrote the memorandum for our panel, and he sent it to me and asked for comment. And I looked at it and I saw there was no money attached to our recommendations. So I called him up and said, “Listen, if we don't have money in this it won't mean a thing because these are just generalities. The only thing that will startle any of them is if we say so and so much money should be appropriated, and let's say that we should appropriate 100 million dollars a year for three years to foreign governments who wish to have facilities and aid from us.” 300 million dollars over three years to aid foreign governments who are anxious to have help in the field of

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