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medical research. Two of them are owners of tobacco warehouses, who equate money for cancer research with attack on the tobacco business, and the chairman of the committee, Dan Flood, is a victim of cancer of the esophagus. You would think because he was a victim of cancer of the esophagus he would be more interested in medical research, but the truth is that it's the opposite.

In any case, he did hold hearings on the House side and came out with the -- although there were requests from outside witnesses for a much much larger budget -- the House came out with exactly the same amount of money as was recommended in the President's budget.

Senator Hill then held hearings, I think in June, as I recall, or maybe it was late May, and he heard among other people Dr. Louis professor at Stanford University, who is the medical director of United Airlines. has a trial of 1400 people, 100 on Atromid, the cholesterol lowering drug, and 700 who are just the controls. These people have not had heart attacks first, as the so-called coronary drug trial of the Heart Institute. As of now, this date, it has been running about three years, at the date we're speaking, in February, '68. His estimate of -- in his tewstimony before the Senate, he said that between two and a half to three times the number of the controls had had heart attacks, as the number of people

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