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people who were on Atromid. He said he made no claim for these figures and did not in end to report the study until about five years had passed, but he did give these very encouraging figures.

This stimulated me to want to hold hearings, for a much bigger Atromid trial of let's say 8000 people, including 4000 women. Dr. and Dr. Weiner of Southern California came and testified before Senator Hill for such a trial. Senator Hill put 4 1/2 million dollars, I think, in the Senate bill for this trial, earmarked for these trial. This was publicized by Morton Mintz, an energetic reporter of medical affairs for the Washington Post, who tried to make it seem that there was something very nefarious in Hill's adding this additional money for an Atormid test, As the Heart Institute had not testified for it. The Heart Institute considered that they were doing enough by having Atromid given in the coronary drug trials, but this was people who had already had heart attacks. Whether or not Atromid could prevent the onset of heart attacks is not being tried except in California at United Airlines by Dr. It seems to me this is much too small a trial for anything that might develop for such an important disease, which half the every year.

Well, in the fight between -- in the fall , the fight for economy developed between the Senate and the House,

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