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endanger the health of the people. For instance, he's more interested in what tobacco does to harm the health of people as embodied by tobacco companies, or what meat does to harm people as embodied by the meat packing companies. He understands the attack on entrenched business interests, and that's his formula. He isn't interested in creating funds or an atmosphere of sympathy for medical research and the solution of major disease problems at all. This doesn't happen to interest him, or at least he hasn't thought of it. We had only one meeting with him and I just hope that eventually we may meet him more frequently or he may change his mind, but he wasn't interested.


It seems to me you've got him halfway in the door, though, if he's interested in the other aspect.

Mrs. Lasker:

Well, he's been very interested in that, and been very important in the meat packing inquiry and the legislation to improve, the packing of meat, and he is interested in the tobacco industry business, and I hope he'll go after them hammer and tongs.


You really would have a great ally if you had some body like that.

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