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And the commission's decision is final?

Mrs. Lasker:

The council's decision is the final decision. They can't pay out the money without the agreement of the council. I don't know whether I told you that Mrs. Johnson asked me to be a member of the a small committee for the Lyndon Johnson Library at the University of Texas at Austin. Last spring I went to visit the President and Mrs. Johnson at the ranch for Memorial Day weekend. It was at the beginning of the Israeli crisis was extremely interesting, When I arrived I went to visit the University of Texas and to see the site of the library. That night Mrs. Johnson had a dinner for me of leading Texas from all parts of Texas, it seemed to me, Fort Worth and Dallas and other places, and it was very . Wen the dinner was over you could hear the planes getting into the air and flying off. The people came in their planes. You know, their departure wasn't by car, it was by plane. It's charming. The people were cultigrated and charming. They were very very interesting people. A man called Erwin, head of the board of regents of the University of Texas, a man called . Denham, lawyer for the King Ranch, and Mrs. Johnson of Amon Carter, who's head of the Carter Museum in Fort Worth, and Mrs. Negley, the daughter of George Brown, who was charming and invited me to go see the proposed fair at

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