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Mary LaskerMary Lasker
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very mean, if you are thought to have ten times more money than you have, if you don't give it when you evidence interest , you know.


I think you give plenty.

Mrs. Lasker:

Well, but nobody thinks so, you know. It was really a very unsympathetic piece, very badly informed, as Philip Wylie said , by a fool,” took great umbrage about it. He wrote me a letter about it which I'll give you a copy of and also give you a copy of the article, and the corrections that are it. It's really just false in so many ways. The main premise, the most damaging thing about it, was that cancer, heart and stroke only affected older people so did really matter anyway, as everybody was going to die anyway, why not let them die? And we were doing nothing to help young people. Now, the truth is that cancer and heart are the major causes of death from the age of one to twenty and twenty to forty as well as from forty on, so that all the criticism and snide attitude that this that was mistaken is really vitiated by the fact that she didn't know her figures. As most readers wouldn't know the figures either. It was damaging.

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