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laboratories, more facilities, more central staffing, and so that the medical schools are really getting a good out out of the research funds.


Consequently they're taking more students, too, aren't they?


No, that's not related to students. There are other bills that to the number of students. There's support for medical schools and amounts for students. But deans don't like to go out, it's hard, to go out and raise money for their schools. It's much easier to take a bigger cut out of medical research than it is to go out and raise money, the deans are never interested in new payoffs in how to keep people longer and in good conditions. That's a detail that doesn't bother them at all, As long as they don't have a deficit in their schools they don't care what happens, It's really true, you know.

So we didn't have a very outstanding year as far as appropriations went. Senator Hill did earmark I think a specific amount of money -- I think it was three million dollars. Wait a minute, I think it may have been -- well, maybe about million dollars, for Parkinson's disease research centers, where the new drug for Parkinsonism, L-DOPA, was to be tried. Now, this was going ahead as of this fall, they were going to give the money to the 20 centers to try L-DOPA on Parkinson's disease victims, so that they'd get a better idea of how to use the drug and what other diseases might be affected by the drug, on the

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