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Well, it affected, let's say, it affected the amounts for the Community Mental Health Centers, largely. There was 10 million dollars less for them. The rest of the Institutes got approximately what they had the year before, some slight differences.

However, the actual funds have not yet, as of February '69, been apportioned to the Institutes. They actually don't know what their total to spend before July 1st is going to be. so undoubtedly more savings, like 10 percent & the total, may be taking place, and the whole thing has thrown the scientists and the administrators into a state of fear about the stability of the funds of the National Institutes of Health. So psychological factor, that they're getting less.

Now, it's true that since '62 there's been more and more money being given for overhead in the medical schools and the research institutes that support research projects, are supported through grants in aid. Initially until '62 there was no more than 15 percent being given as an overhead to any institution that was doing research, Now there's an average of 30 percent being given for overhead.


Is that because --?


-- well, because there's so many medical school deans that have increased expenses, and who feel that in order to operate the projects that they're operating in research, that they need more

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