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Who is your principal lieutenant now in the House of Representatives?


Well The person that is the chairman of the subcommittee As Daniel Flood. He is a victim of cancer. He has survived more than five years after a cancer operation of the . He is not interested in medicine, strangely enough, He's not in very good health. George a man of Lubbock Texas, is the chairman of the full committee, and totally opposed to increased funds in medical research. I've asked President Johnson, at the party that was given in his honor on the 13th of January, if he would talk to Mahon for us, and he said that he would, and he said, “What's more, he's had a little operation himself recently, maybe that will help.”

We will see what happens as a result.


It certainly helps in some cases.


Sometimes, Not always.

The piece of good news is that a vaccine for german measles, rubella, has been developed as a result of the work of Parkman and Meyer of the Biological Standards Bureau of the National Institutes of Health. They're two very bright young man who should receive a lot of recognition, and several drug houses, including Smith, Kline and French, have made vaccines from other virus strains.

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