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In any case, we have at least three good vaccines which will be licensed within the next several months, I'm told, and . . . correction?

-- make a collection for the amount for the money for the Parkinson's disease centers, instead of three million it was one million.


I wanted to comment on the serum for rubella. This is striking at a root cause of various deficiencies and defects, isn't it?


Yes, very serious physical defects and different manifestations have come as a result of women having German measles during the first three months and now they say later in pregnancy, so that this is a very vital discovery, and if the vaccine is widely used, it ought to prevent literally tens of thousands of disabilities, deformities in children, and eliminate tragedies, untold numbers. So the ramifications are enormous.

Next, let's make a heading of the last days of Mrs. Johnson's efforts for a more beautiful national capital.


Before we do that, could I ask you a question for your comment on your prognosis for future work and future money for research, now that we have a new administration?

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