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an understanding of the whole system that you counterbalance that with what you have.


Well, we'll see. I'm not at all sure. We'll see what I can do. I don't know.


I remember when the Johnson Administration came in, you were somewhat doubtful then as to what might transpire.


Oh, well, but Johnson was always a friend, and I had always for years been friendly with Johnson and Johnson was -- and actually, except for the regional centers for Cancer, Heart and Stroke, which now have, oh, about million this year, we didn't get any new important legislation that represented new money in the Johnson Administration. Now, is a very important place of legislation, I must admit, in the health field, and I hope it will become more so.

One thing I forgot to tell you is that Mr. Jules Stein and his committee, Research to Prevent Blindness, was active, with my help, in getting an institute -- an National Eye Institute passed, in the House and Senate this year, and the money that was in the National Neurological Institute for Blindness has now been transferred to the National Eye Institute. It's a new institute Just for blindness, or for the eyes.

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