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we're in the process of trying to figure out how to talk about cancer and arteriosclerosis at least in a fresh way, so as to get greater visibility and higher rating for money, for federal money. But that's for the future. It's in a nebulous state. The committee is fairly friendly, on the Senate side. However, Senator Russell, who has always gone along with Senator Hill, I imagine because of old friendship and because they knew how to deal with each other, is chairman of the full committee now, he has never been particularly friendly to medical research, and this worries me, because any opposition from him would mean an effort on the part of Magnusson to fight off. And while Magnusson has tremendous intuitions and is a terrific fighter when he wants to be, he just doesn't want to be all the time. And he hasn't got the background or the motivation that Hill had. So we shall see what will develop. It's a new era.


Well, you go on into that.


Oh, I go on into that era -- oh, yes -- but the effectiveness with which you can move is very much lessened by having a new set of not well informed or terribly intimately friendly and dedicate people.


Well, granted that, but you have such a wide knowledge and such

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