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and prevention of cataract operations. Improved treatments for glaucoma and other eye diseases and retinal blastoma, and That was the logic of it, to get real attention on

For instance, they had never put an assistant or an associate director as the head of the eye diseases section of the Institute they could have done, to give it some entity and some drive.


It's a perfectly logical development.


Sure, a perfectly logical development. You know, it's Just -- we also tried to get several people appointed, and one of them that we thought had been checked out as willing to take the Job, it turned out that he needed two months caution every year, and naturally that didn't go with the Public Health Service Ch. I tell you, really, things are so crazy.


Now, you started with a new heading. You were going to talk about Mrs. Johnson and her beautification program, the last few months of the regime.


Yes. Well, in the fall, in November, it was evident that the major effort for beautification of Washington probably was coming to a close, with the loss of the Johnsons,

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