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Laurance Rockefeller gave a charming party at his brother's house on Fohall Road. Washington, in honor of Mrs. Johnson, after a meeting of her committee at the White House. It was a party full of sentimental speeches, one extremely well made by Welter Washington, the mayor of Washington, and other people, at a candlelight dinner in this pheasant house, and/all the people that had worked with her were very touched. We gave her a present of a small planting, stones, sort of lookout on the grounds of the new Johnson Library in Austin at the University a Texas.

Then, on the 17th of December -- I think it was the 17th -- on a bitterly cold day, it certainly couldn't have been more than 20, we went out to dedicate the last projects of the Society for a More Beautiful National Capital, The first one we went to was Mrs. Fountain on the Elipse, which hasn't even a hole dug yet, but we hope that's going to start this spring. The other two, which were actually completed, were the fountains of Mrs. Haupt on Constitution Avenue. Then we drove across the bridge to the plantings of dog woods that I had given on Columbia Island, a ceremony at the Interior Department, Columbia Island had been named Ladybird Johnson Park in honor of Mrs. Johnson.

Then we drove from there at twilight to the end of Point, in the most bitter cold you can possibly imagine. We were waiting for the Marine Band, never showed up, which

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