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Series II, Interview # 8

Interviewee: (Mrs.) Mary Lasker, (Mrs. Albert D. Lasker)
Interviewer: John T. Mason, Jr.
Date: January 9, 1970


Well, Mrs. Lasker, it's certainly good to see you again. This is in the nature of an annual review of your activities, almost, and I'm sure that they've been quite extensive this last year because as you talked about entering this new era in Washington it became obvious that you had many problems developing and many new contacts to make in order to achieve something in the realm of medical research. Last time you told me about the appropriation for NIH in 1969. Do you want to begin today by telling me about the appropriations as they now stand for 1970?

Mrs. Lasker:

Yes, I do. I want to say that I'm hoping that the decade that we're starting this month, in January of 70, will bring many more discoveries and a much bigger drop in the death rate of the people of the country and the world than occurred in the sixties. Did I review the outstanding accomplishments of the sixties? Well, I feel that a great deal that happened in the

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