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sixties was a preparation that will pay off in the seventies.

But as to keeping the money flowing to help the research workers and make them secure in their work, we've had a very hard time in 1969. The House held hearings in May of '69. Congressman Flood heard Dr. Farber and Dr. DeBakey, Dr. Cotzias, Dr. Kline and others, and they appealed for very substantially more funds than Nixon's budget. Nixon naturally made a new budget, lowered the budget that Johnson had made for '69, so that our worst fears were realized as far as Mr. Nixon's attitude toward medical research goes.


Has he expressed himself on that subject?


He has not. He has not sent a health message. He did send a message on family planning which was extremely clear and helpful, but he hasn't backed it up with large amounts of money. The Citizens' Budget recommendation for the 1970 appropriations included $300 million for the Cancer Institute, $181. 9 million for heart, $34 million for Dental research, $154. 8 million (rounded figures) for Arthritis and Metabolic diseases, $120 million for Neurology and Stroke, $110.8 million for Allergy and Infectious diseases; for General Medical Science $170 million, for Child Health and Human Development $82. 9 million, and the new Eye Institute, 29 million.

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