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for the Regional Medical Centers in addition, and 385 million for the Mental Health Administration.


You mean in addition to the House figures?


Yes. These are additional amounts. I'll just mention the figure on this. They voted a billion, 661 million. There was a terrific pressure for immediate conference with the House. We were very nervous about how long the House would take and balk at these figures, as there'd been an enormous increase in Education funds, as you know. Notwithstanding that Magnusson came out of conference with a 5 percent cut - a 5 percent cut in the Institutes of Health, which brought the final conference figure to a billion 121 million. In addition he maintained the 100 million for Regional Medical Centers and for the Mental Health Administration he lost 15 million -- the final figure for it was 360 million. The final figure for the programs we had fought for was $1, 581, 000, 000.

However, when this bill came to Nixon, Nixon saw that it was substantially over his budget and is planning to veto it. That means that the bill will go back to the Congress. Idon't know whether it will go back to the individual committees or whether they'll just cut across the board or what will happen. Nobody knows. That will be known on the 19th of January.

But we still haven't got final figures for 1970, and the year is half gone, more than half gone - because the fiscal year ends

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