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explore it at length. However, he plans to go back to see the President after the State of the Union message is over. In the meantime, you see, I received this letter from Mel Laird. He, too has spoken to Nixon. Keith Funston, who was at the dinner at the White House in honor of Bobst on his birthday, spoke to the President that night (as he was sitting at the President's table) about the importance of cancer as a national goal.


It looks like you have something going there.


It looks like we have something going. Well, when I realized that I was having some success with interesting Bobst, I went back to see Yarborough about the 12th of December and I said, “You know, I know you've been thinking about appointing this commission but you haven't been able to do it and I have a friend who's a friend of Nixon's and maybe it would be better if the President appointed a commission.”

Yarborough said sharply, “It would not be better if the President appointed a commission. No matter what he does he won't give any money no matter what they recommend and nothing will happen.” He said, “I am going to appoint the commission”

I said, “Well, when will you do it? Will you do it before Christmas?”

He said, “Yes, and tell Forsyth,” speaking to Mike Gorman,

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