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AMA getting into it and making the structure very complicated by having to have committees on local levels with the county medical society represented they do a lot of training and discussion of techniques of care, not anything -- really no new ideas in clinical research at all have come out of it. The bill was passed in '65 and so far as administration goes it has been very woolly. Although all the right words are in the bill as far as doing research goes, clinical research, very little has gotten done. Some services are more available in certain areas but the bill has worked out not as an advance to research at all but as a kind of adjunct to services such as increasing intensive care units, to make what is already known a little bit better known, in backward districts, especially in the far West. It hasn't done well at all in New York or Boston or Chicago.

This commission for the conquest of cancer through research is, I hope, going to be a second effort, a big effort, to replace the big effort I made to get the Cancer, Heart and Stroke Commission appointed. I should get final answers in this decade, preferably by 1976, which is the 200th anniversary of our country;.

I ran an ad, in order to get back onto my efforts, both with Yarborough and with Nixon, which is here, NEW YORK TIMES and NEW YORK POST and THE WASHINGTON POST.

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