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I thought there was a remission on that


Well, he says so, but he's not -- you know, you can't reach him and I don't know that he's meeting with the committee very much. At least he's no factor. And Spessard Holland is not going to run again. We did quite a little work on him through the Cancer Society, so he was not in opposition, You see by the fact that we got the whole NIH 1970 budget raised 10 percent in the Senate that we got something; some people reaching these people, but the truth is that the main power lay with Bible, Byrd, Magnusson and their friends.

Cotton and Fong of Hawaii, Republicans, became more interested than they had ever been as a result of a letter writing campaign that we organized through Dr. Garb, who is a very good letter stimulator, and a number of people in the local cancer divisions wrote in to their Senators. We got after them by states that had Senators on the Appropriations Committee. Fong and Cotton were very much more sympathetic to the cancer cause and to research generally than they'd ever been thought or known to be before, so that in a sense I have a great deal of hope.


Well, that's gratifying because you were almost immersed in gloom a year ago.

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