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found. It's a scandal.

Well, another bill that we had something to do with, especially Mike Gorman, is the alcoholism bill. This is a bill for a sizeable amount of money, over 200 million dollars, introduced by Senator Hughes of Iowa, former victim of alcoholism. He engaged Mike's interest in this and Mike was genuinely interested in it. Hugher himself did a lot about getting it through the Senate. It was introduced in the House by Congressman Pepper -- or introduced by Staggers too, maybe Pepper also introduced it. Pepper got a rule for it when we finally got it out of the committee. Mike worked very hard on it in every possible way including in connection with the hearings. It's passed both houses and it's waiting Presidential signature. It sounds as if it's threatened by a veto, because it has a large amount of money involved. (Later: It was not netoed.)


How much money?


Over 200 million dollars in one year. A lot of money, for treatment and some money for research.


Centers being set up around the country?


Centers being set up, yes. Now, in other health activities, I was rather unwillingly so far as I was concerned named the president of the United Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation. It's a small foundation that's very much supported by Cerebral Palsy Association, which is run by two friends, Leonard goldenson and Jack Hausman. I think

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