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major extracurricular activity, and ended up being the, what they called, editorial chairman of the Princetonian, which meant being in charge of the editorial page. So my school career was full of journalism, too. Meanwhile, I, naturally, had it all in the family background.


I went to Harvard, and I know the Crimson regularly had one type of crusade or another. I wonder if you recall any particular Collegiate crusade that you were involved in?


Not Collegiate, because that little paper didn't last terribly long. It was not a crusading paper; it simply carried school news and carried fiction articles, and things of that sort. And it lasted possibly a year. But on the Princetonian, it was a totally different type, a real college daily newspaper and quite a project because it was a six-day-a-week paper, which I think it still is. And there on the editorial page we really did run campaigns, and the one that I was deeply involved in was a perennial that has occurred many times since my day, which was in 1933-34--I was graduated from Princeton in 1934--and had even occurred at least once or twice prior to my day. That was the club system, as you undoubtedly had suspected, because this was the hardy perennial. But this was almost a personal crusade on my part, because I was very deeply interested in the problem and we really did run a campaign of very considerable vigor during my junior year and early senior year. We would change boards and I went off the paper in the middle of my senior year so it was obviously prior to that time, prior to the spring of '34 in other words.

But we had really quite a lot of material on what was wrong with the method of electing men to clubs. I was in a reasonably good position to run such a campaign because I was a member of a club; I wasn't one of the ones who were left out, and as a member of a club, I could perfectly and legitimately and without any question of sour grapes run a really quite

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