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them temperate and good letters and many of which we have printed. We've been printing them continually since then.

But, as I say, not in any overwhelming number, not the vituperation that I would have expected. We got sensible letters from both sides. The other day we printed one from Taiwan, a very good letter, taking the opposite side. And we've had some on our side, but the whole discussion has been on a much higher plane than I had dared to hope.


Has it received much of a play in the weeklies? Did Time or Newsweek pick up this?


No. To the best of my recollection Time and Newsweek didn't pick it up. If you want me to state what I think of their judgement in their press section, that would be another subject altogether.

It was, of course, noticed and did attract some attention -- although probably less than it would have if it hadn't come between Christmas and New Year's, which is a very dead week. But nevertheless our position now as taken has stimulated quite a good deal of thought and conversation. And I think perhaps the most interesting aspect of this is that it does suggest to me that the feeling in this country is much less violent on this subject than the particularly interested parties would want us all to believe. Because instead of getting absolutely crucified, which I though we were going to be, we got good intelligent letters, which is all anyone can ask.

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