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He doesn't actually write?


Oh, sure, he does. As a matter of fact, if you want to get into that area, there are a number of people who contribute editorials to us. I ask them to do it, or they will suggest the people who are experts in certain fields, and Hechinger happens to be the outstanding one in this area. He does not belong to me in the sense that he is not on the editorial board. He very frequently contributes editorials, and we discuss them, and I edit them just exactly the way I edit the editorials that come in from members of my staff. It's exactly the same relationship, except that he is education editor of the Times and not a member of the editorial board. Incidentally, I would pay him, per editorial, which, of course, I don't do for members of my own staff.

There are three or four other people who contribute this way, but none as frequently as Hechinger does, because, of course, the education-I happen to be terribly interested in education, and it's important to the page, and so I naturally have a lot of material from Hechinger.

On architectural and subjects dealing with city planning, anther area that I'm interested in, I have been getting occasional contributions from our architectural critic, who is a very good writer, and whose contributions I like, and his (Hechinger's) relationship is the same as is Ada Louise Huxtable's.

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