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There were one or two other quite dramatic instances of this, one many years later, which maybe we'll get into at another time, dealing with Dan Schorr, where I really would have edited it down, and I would have edited this Herb Matthews piece down, because I too felt that it was highly emotional.

Punch called me, in time for the - between editions, I guess it was, or when I got back Sunday night. I think it was to run in Monday's paper, and he had read it in the first edition. And I had to agree with him that I really did think that it was too emotional a piece, and I was - [Crosstalk]


In other words, you were substantially in agreement -


As the Talese story gives it.


You gave it to him.


I must have told Talese this exact story at the time, although I don't remember doing it. I must have done it.

Here, I could perfectly conscientiously edit down some of the editorial. But I did argue very vigorously that we should not drop it. Punch wanted to drop it.

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