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I sent him a note, as soon as I learned that, stating, and now I'm quoting from the memorandum that I sent him in November of '72 -


If we could reproduce that, it would be better than just getting it on the tape.


All right. I have a memo that I sent him, a short two-paragraph memorandum, stating my reasons for thinking it would be undesirable for me, as editor of the editorial page, to go out on this trip.

I got a rather extraordinary memo back from him, which I am also attaching here, in which he was attempting to be funny; nevertheless, it was a rather jolting response to get. He was obviously kidding me about my hesitancy, but nevertheless, the tone of it and the attitude were really basically indicative of his feeling about the nonsensical quality of my resistance to this kind of situation.

A very similar one occurred some time later, in which the publisher was actually the host at a Ford presentation in New York. It was a year or two later, in the seventies, perhaps I will have the exact date - in which Ford was making a big presentation of a new model and all that, and the publisher was actually the host. He was the president of the Bureau of Advertising, and in that capacity he felt it was perfectly proper for him to be involved with an automobile presentation in New York, to which he invited, in fact requested the executives of the Times to be present. And because I had been very explicitly asked to attend, I, again, with extreme reluctance, did so, and in fact simply put in an appearance

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