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So I called the publisher, and he absolutely forbade that this article should appear prior to the election date.

I still remember him saying, “But I want Moynihan to win.”

I had to hold the piece, but, and if I remember, it did run the day after election, simply expressing a view about Moynihan.

In any case, that was the sequel. I'll never forget his statement as publisher, “But I want Moynihan to win.” This was the key.

The only time, I have laid great stress on the fact that this was the first time and the unique time that anything like this happened. And if it hadn't happened so very near the end of my career as editor, I really think I would have had to do a good deal more than write a letter about it.

The only other time that anything even remotely like this happened was also in connection with an election. In the senatorial election of 1970, before I had gone to Japan and Korea, I had agreed with the publisher on whom we would support that year, for the major offices. Dick Ottinger was Democratic nominee for the Senate in 1970 and we had agreed to support Ottinger.

I will say for Punch, he rather reluctantly agreed, but he did. Unfortunately, I went off to Japan. That wasn't unfortunate, but what was unfortunate was that Charlie Goodell came

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