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paper to have it touted that the Times endorses this plan when, in our critical and professional opinions, it cannot be endorsed -” and so on.

This was a memo from Mrs. Huxtable, who was our architecture critic at that time, and who occasionally wrote editorials for the Times, and who either at that time or very soon afterwards, I think already at that time, I considered practically a member of the editorial board, because she was writing editorials for us, and I - I relied very heavily, on this kind of matter, on her judgment.


Did she later join the board?


She certainly was a member of the editorial board, absolutely. And still is, as a part time, in the sense that she gave me on the editorial board about a couple of days a week, something like that, and had the other days to write her column. And she was certainly recognized, considered and treated as a member of the editorial board, with her office on the tenth floor along with all the other members of the editorial board, and that's still true, by the way. She is one of the very few, extremely few survivors of my old editorial board.

The only question I raised just now was the date. This was 1971. I think she already was considered effectively a member of the editorial board in '71. I just wasn't sure of the date. But in any case, she was virtually -


That came after this -

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