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Exactly, so after that memo, we had more conversation about this whole matter, and here is a memo that I put into my file. I'm sorry - I got on April 7th - (the memo from Mrs. Huxtable, by the way, was dated April 6th - not April 7th). I had a little note from Punch: “Did I (Punch) miss my editorial on the Metropolitan Museum of Art while I was away? Or has it yet to be written? I shall be delighted to be the author.” That was the memo on April 7th from Mr. Sulzberger, from Punch, 1971.

I, two days later on April 9th, put the following memo into the file, which I think is of considerable interest and speaks well for Punch, as a matter of fact. This was a confidential memorandum to the file, as follows: “In a conversation with AOS today, I persuaded him to drop his editorial idea on two basic grounds - 1) as publisher he should not force an editorial through against the strong advice of the editor of the page and the latter's colleague, 2) as trustee of the institution involved, he has an obligation over and above that just mentioned to separate the responsibilities of trustee from those of publisher of the New York Times. After hearing me out patiently, he agreed to drop the proposed editorial.”

And that's the end of the incident. As I say, I think that speaks very well for him, but it shows again the kind of thing I was talking about.


This is something you alluded to earlier, but now you have the documents in front of you and we're going to incorporate them into the memoir, and this is your running commentary now on those documents, relating to -

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