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That's a quote from a memo of Punch to Rosenthal on that date, of which he sent me a copy. And in November I sent the publisher my very frequent scream about the large number and increasing number of letters that we were receiving, and how we didn't have nearly enough space, and because I had the idea that of course the creation of an Op-Ed page would open up more space for letters, which indeed it did - that was one of the incidental reasons I wanted an Op-Ed page, but of course that was only incidental.


What happened to the next step after he suggested to Rosenthal?


Well, let me read my memo of November 3 to Punch -


First of all, before you do that, what were your relations with Rosenthal, as clearly as you can remember?


As far as I knew, I always had, certainly during this period, I felt perfectly friendly to Rosenthal. I had very cordial relations, insofar as I ever had any connection with him, which was very, very little, although there were -

Now, it's hard for me without going to the file to recall the date, but at one time or another, and I think it was later than this, they got rather sharp, because Rosenthal resented very much some criticisms that I had made to him and the publisher, about editorializing in the news -

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