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capacity. He really almost became in loco parentis. My aunt “Auntie,” who brought me up, was getting quite old, although certainly vigorous. That's where my home was, with her, except by that time I was at college and then later went to Oxford. But my home was there. And Julius really spent a lot of time and effort in watching out for my interests as well as my brother's, and for that matter, Auntie's too. His personal secretary, John Sheehan, was indispensable to all three of us.




Yes. So we have very warm memories of Julius Adler. Let me think. I guess, going on to the newspaper thing, I felt when I got out of Oxford that -- well, at Princeton I also was an editor of The Princetonian, of the daily paper.

I went into the competition for that in my first, in my freshman year. It was very arduous competition, and I didn't make it at that time. It was the first thing that I'd ever really tried to do, with my whole heart in it that I'd failed on in my life. I'd had very good marks at school and all that stuff. But I was determined to try again. It was a big blow that I didn't make it. And then there was a good lesson that things don't necessarily come easy, either.

I did try again. Very hard six week competition -- you practically have to give up your studies in order to work for the paper. But anyway, I eventually did get on the Princetonian board the second time I tried and remained very deeply involved in that at

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