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as I know that was the first time a member of the Times editorial board actually lived not in New York. He lived in Washington and he was one of the star members of my editorial staff. He quit the Times when I stopped being editor.


You also traveled, I think, in Japan.


I made one trip to Japan, where I, among other things, had a talk with the then Prime Minister of Japan. The one thing I remember I told him was he had to do something about the awful environmental pollution.


Yes, I remember you wrote quite a strong piece about that.


-- in Japan, I don't think my lecture to the Prime Minister did much good, but I had seen an example of it a few days earlier. Some big factory on that beautiful coast of the Sea of Japan, from a big power plant, just pouring out this awful, polluting smoke. You could hardly see [Mount] Fujiyama through the smoke. Of course, I had known about that before I went, but I had the opportunity of having an interview with the then Prime Minister. This, by the way, was, I think, 1970, I believe. 1970 or '71. It wasn't any later than that. And really the only thing I remember talking with the Prime Minister about was the awful pollution that was going on there. I'm sure we talked about other things, too.

But I went up to Korea, also, on that trip, went up to Pyongyang and had a first-hand impression that you really couldn't get unless you were really on the spot, of what that truce line looked like and what that Pyongyang area really was. And how close it was to Seoul, to the capital. I also had a talk with the then president of South Korea. To get to

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