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In 1910 I was at Columbia University working for my masters and living at Greenwich House in Jones Street. I got my bachelors degree at Mt. Holyoke College. While I was in college the so-called social sciences were hardly taught and I had had the meagerest education in the field of the social sciences. A very introductory course in American history, with emphasis on economic industrial factors, was my principal college work in this field. I knew nothing about economics, sociology, anthropology. I took my Mt. Holyoke degree in chemistry and physics - the exact sciences - and I even took honors in them.

I, of course, went to college in the days when the curriculum was prescribed very largely and one had a chance to major and make one's selections only after the sophomore year. The first two years of study were composed of absolutely required subjects and one had no choices. After that, depending upon what your aptitudes and tastes might be, with consultation with the dean or department advisers you might make some selection.

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