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Frances Perkins Frances Perkins
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Table of Contents

Part I: Social work in Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York, 1882-1918

1882-1908 Mt. Holyoke; Chicago; Philadelphia 1

1909-10 New York: National Consumers' League; 54-Hour Bill; Triangle Shirtwaist Fire; Factory Investigating Commission 38

1905-10 Women's Suffrage 175

1910-13 New York State Legislature 203

1913-17 The Mitchel Administration 243

1913-17 Art and Literature 342a

1917-18 Committee on Safety; New York Council of Organizations for War Service; Women's City Club (Maternal Care); Appointment to Industrial Commission 385

Part II: New York State Industrial Commission Under Governor Alfred E. Smith, 1919-28

1919-20 New York State Industrial Commission 1

1920-21 Alfred E. Smith; Democratic Party; 1920 Democratic Convention; Merchants Association 36

1922-28 New York State Industrial Commission; John Mitchel; Spargo Wire Company Strike 95

1922-28 Alfred E. Smith as Governor 207

1924 Democratic Convention; James J. Walker; Tammany Hall 289

1922-28 Workmen's Compensation 384

1920-28 New York Election of 1926; Labor Unions and Labor Legislation 460

1928 Election of 1928: Alfred E. Smith and Franklin D. Roosevelt 521

Part III: New York State Industrial Commission Under Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1929-33

1929 Roosevelt and Smith 1

1929-32 New York State Department of Labor; Unemployment 87

1929-32 Roosevelt as Governor; Labor Problems; Workmen's Compensation 212

1930 Roosevelt and Smith; New York Election of 1930 267

1930-32 Robert Moses 360

1930-32 Fiorello H. La Guardia; James J. Walker; The Seabury Investigation 390

1932 The Election of 1932; Belle Moskowitz; Women and Careers 452

1932-33 The Secretaryship of Labor 506

Part IV: U.S. Department of Labor and the First Year of the New Deal, 1933-34

Inauguration, March 2-6, 1933 1

U.S. Department of Labor 95

Cabinet 154

Reorganization of Labor Department 201

The American Federation of Labor 298

The Press 334

Congress: Senator Pat Harrison 375

General Glassford and Migrant Labor 400

The Black Bill 439

Louis M. Howe; Adolph A. Berle 453

Relief: Federal Emergency Relief Administration; Civilian Conservation Corps; Works Progress Administration 467

Recognition of Russia; New York Election of 1934; Henry Bruére and the Secretaryship of the Treasury 537

Part V: The National Recovery Administration, 1933-35

Background of the NRA 1

Bernard Baruch; Hugh Johnson 91

Johnson Loses Title II 140

NRA Administrative Committees; Johnson's Planning and Theories 173

Section 7(a) and the Textile Code 228

The Coal Code 262

The Steel Code; the Homestead Incident 309

Hugh Johnson; Anna Rosenberg 354

Atlanta Speech 457

National Labor Relations Board; Johnson Leaves 478

Part VI: Strikes and Unions, 1933-39

Avondale Strike 1

Automobile Workers 26

Toledo Strike 59

Akron Sit-Down Strike; French Sit-Down Strikes 67

General Motors Strike of 1937 105

Steel Strike 247

San Francisco Longshoremen's Strike; Harry Bridges 255

San Francisco: Roger Lapham, A. P. Giannini 350

San Francisco: Harry Bridges 371

Impeachment 473

Part VII: Politics, the Supreme Court, the National Labor Relations Board, and the approach of war, 1936–40

Election of Roosevelt 1

Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act 16

Schechter Case 47

Supreme Court Fight 70

National Labor Relations Board 135

Communism 220

Purge 311

Coming War 325

Third Term 377

Cabinet 522

1940 Campaign 696

Truman Farewell Dinner, 1952 710

Harry Dexter White 749

Tables of Contents for Parts VIII and IX of the Frances Perkins interview are not available at this time.

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