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legislation provided for the New York State Department of Labor to adopt industrial codes in different industries and for different problems in industry. It provided a way by which such codes should be formulated with the advice and assistance of various qualified bodies, including the technical bodies - the Institute of Architects, the American society of Mechanical Engineers and others - and also including labor, the real estate interests and the manufacturing business interests. They were to be represented on code committees.

We presided over the whole project of seeing that the code committees were appointed, assisting the authorities on the selection of the right people to serve on those committees - by which I mean qualified and people willing to put some time on it - and then persuading people to serve on those committees - people who wouldn't ordinarily give so much time to unrewarded public service. That was well under way.

We were engaged quite definitely in other forms of studying accident prevention and in the whole matters of the insurance field - bringing the insurance companies into conference by citing fine ways in which they could promote the increasing safety against both industrial accidents and fire in manufacturing and mercantile establishments.

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