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the Bureau of Fire Prevention in the Mitchel administration, - was pulled off by the Federal government and asked to come down to Washington. He really took over a large part of the project of the building of Muscle shoals. Two or three other people who had been the backbone of our committee became involved in war work.

It was just at this time too that this New York Council of Organizations for war Service was being formed. Mitchel was still Mayor when it was established. This is very curious when you think back on it, but it had started as a movement to bring women into the war service. After John F. Hylan was Mayor Mrs. William Randolph Hearst began throwing her weight around. Mayor Mitchel wanted to bring some women into the pattern of what we now call civil defense, or war service - this business of rolling bandages, entertaining service men and such things.

He asked Ruth Morgan, who was a very distinguished and very well known person in New York City and who had always served on all kinds of good works committees, being a good organizer, to head it up. Right away there was a protest by a lot of people who thought they knew more than Ruth Morgan knew. She was not the head of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. She was not the head of the Council of of Jewish Women. She was not the head of the YWCA. She

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